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About Havanese

Havanese are the only true dog breed native to Cuba. They are cheerful little dogs with a spring in their step and a gleam in their big, brown eyes. These vivacious and sociable companions are becoming especially popular with American city dwellers. Distinctive features of the Havanese include a tail that curls over their back and a gorgeous silky coat, which comes in a variety of colors. Some owners allow their hair to grow long and flowing and others clip it short to reduce grooming time. Happily, Havanese are just as cute no matter what hairdo you give them. Their small but sturdy bodies, adaptable nature, and social skills make Havanese an ideal city dog, but they are content to be anywhere that they can command the attention of admirers young and old alike. Havanese, smart and trainable extroverts have the comical instincts of a born clown and are natural trick dogs. Havanese are also excellent watchdogs and take the job seriously but will usually keep the barking to a minimum. Another amazing benefit to owning a Havanese is you will never have to be alone in a room again. They are happy to follow you everywhere you go.

One of my favorite things about Havanese is the fact that they are small and compact enough to take anywhere with you, but they are more durable that most breeds their size. They are very energetic, and love walks and exercise, and they are able to endure small children.

Havanese are generally healthy and fairly long-lived. There are a few conditions that the breed can be prone to, but a responsible breeder will ensure all of their breeding dogs have the following testing in order to help eliminate the issues:

*Patella Evaluation *Hip Evaluation *Ophthalmologist Evaluation *BAER Testing

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed.

HEIGHT: 8.5-11.5 inches WEIGHT: 7-13 pounds LIFE EXPECTANCY: 14-16 years

HAVANESE ARE HYPO-ALLERGETIC, so they are great for allergies!!!!!!

Great with all ages and other pets.

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